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The Met. Office global three‐dimensional variational data assimilation scheme
The Met. Office has developed a variational assimilation for its Unified Model forecast system, which contains a grid-point mode) that is run operationally in global, mesoscale, and stratosphericExpand
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Optimizing the United Kingdom Meteorological Office Data Assimilation for ERS-1 Scatterometer Winds
Abstract At the UKMO the assimilation of wind observations derived from ERS-1 scatterometer measurements has shown a beneficial impact in the Southern Hemisphere. Monitoring of this data shows it toExpand
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On the use of radiosonde humidity observations in mid-latitude NWP
SummaryWe compare radiosonde observations of relative humidity with NWP versions of the Meteorological Office Unified Model, and attempt to understand the causes of the systematic differences seen.Expand
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Power and Piety: Augustan Imagery and the Cult of the Magna Mater
This thesis examines the ways in which the Magna Mater became an integral part of Augustan ideology and the visual language of the early principate. Traditionally, our picture of the Augustan MagnaExpand
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Paraspinal Soft‐Tissue Sarcoma Classification of 14 Cases
Fourteen patiants were treated surgically for soft-tissue sarcoma arising in the paraspinal muscles. Eleven patient? received adjuvant irradiation administered before or after resection. InExpand
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The use of ERS-1 products in operational meteorology
Abstract The Meteorological Office processes ERS-1 fast-delivery products from the scatterometer, the altimeter, and the Along-Track Scanning Radiometer. Wind vectors, wind speed, wave height, andExpand
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System-level requirements for an operational solar electric orbital transfer vehicle
The concept of using a solar electric orbital transfer vehicle (SEOTV) propulsion systems as a replacement for chemical propulsion systems has been examined on the merits of performance enhancement,Expand
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SAGEEP `96: Proceedings of the symposium on the application of geophysics to engineering and environmental problems
This document contains the Proceedings of the Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems which was held on April 28-May 2, 1996 in Keystone, Colorado, USA.Expand
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