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Prospective follow‐up of 2,065 young unscreened women to study human papillomavirus incidence and clearance
In this young Dutch study population, HPV incidence rates are not related to age and comparable to other western countries, and clearance was only independently related to factors associated with sexual behavior, either past or current.
Down regulation of estrogen receptor expression is an early event in human papillomavirus infected cervical dysplasia.
Down regulation of ER expression may be the first alteration to take place in normal epithelium during the development of cervical dysplasia in women infected with high-risk human papillomavirus.
Coexisting high-grade glandular and squamous cervical lesions and human papillomavirus infections
It is suggested that squamous lesions, coexisting with high-grade glandular lesions, are aetiologically different fromSquamous lesions without coexisting glandsular lesions are significantly different for patients with CIN II/III without ACIS.
Fluctuations in prevalence of cervical human papillomavirus in women frequently sampled during a single menstrual cycle
Short-term fluctuations in prevalence of human papillomavirus were investigated within a single menstrual cycle, and the highest prevalence was found at the follicular phase, whereas the cumulative prevalence was 75%.
Significant decrease of adenocarcinoma in situ not reflected in cervical adenocarcinoma incidence in the Netherlands 1989–2003
Over the period 1989–2003, the incidence of cervical adenocarcinoma (n=1615) was stable whereas that of cervical adenocarcinoma in situ (n=1884) significantly decreased (P=0.008), mainly caused by
Young adults awareness of HPV and vaccine acceptance after introduction of the HPV vaccine in the Dutch national vaccination program.
After implementation of the HPV vaccine in the national vaccination program, > 50% of the students lack knowledge on HPV, and acceptance of a "catch-up" HPV vaccination was low, however, the acceptance of HPV vaccination for 12-16 year old girls was high.
DNA methylation analysis in self-sampled brush material as a triage test in hrHPV-positive women
DNA methylation analysis as a triage test in hrHPV-positive women is an attractive alternative to cytology and is feasible directly on brush-based self-samplers and showed good correlation with matched physician-taken samples.