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The extended classical charged particle
A theory of the extended classical charged particle is presented. The theory assumes extension along the forward light cone of the particle instead of the usual now-plane. Solutions are given forExpand
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Peirce, Clifford, and Quantum Theory
Beginning in 1870 Charles Sanders Peirce published a series of papers on a “logic of relations,” which corresponded to a linear associative algebra. This algebra is related by a linear transformationExpand
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Peirce, Clifford, and Dirac
There is a clear line of progression from the “logic of relations” of Charles Sanders Peirce through the algebras of William Kingdon Clifford. Further, it has been shown how one can obtain theExpand
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Natural gauges for classical charged particles
Alternate gauge conditions for classical charged particles are discussed. These gauges are suggested by unified descriptions of electromagnetism derived from general relativistic metrics which areExpand
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Finsler and Kaluza-Klein gauge theories
A comparison of Kaluza-Klein and Finsler-type gauge theories is sketched. It is shown that the two can be related by a mapping between fiber spaces which is equivalent to a transformation from oneExpand
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Moving frame transport and gauge transformations
An outline is given as to how gauge transformations in a frame fiber can be interpreted as defining various types of transport of a moving frame along a path. The cases of general linear, parallel,Expand
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Photons from the Future
What would be the consequences of assuming the existence of antiphotons which propagate backward in time? This is obviously permitted mathematically. There is also physical justification in theExpand
Poincaré transport of frames
A recently developed formalism which gives a unified picture of the linear transport of moving frames is extended to include a particular type of transport under the 10-parameter Poincaré group. TheExpand
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