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Oxygen reduction on a high-surface area Pt/Vulcan carbon catalyst: a thin-film rotating ring-disk electrode study
We describe the adaptation of the recently developed thin-film rotating disk electrode method and its application in a rotating ring disk configuration (RRDE) to the investigation of the oxygenExpand
CO Oxidation over Supported Gold Catalysts—“Inert” and “Active” Support Materials and Their Role for the Oxygen Supply during Reaction
A thorough comparison of gold catalysts on different support materials as well as activity measurements for Au on mixed oxides (Au/Fe2O3·MgO) reveal enhanced CO oxidation rates for a group ofExpand
Ethanol Electrooxidation on a Carbon-Supported Pt Catalyst: Reaction Kinetics and Product Yields
The ethanol oxidation reaction (EOR) on a carbon-supported Pt nanoparticle catalyst was studied by cyclic voltammetry and potential-step measurements as a function of ethanol concentration andExpand
Kinetics of the Selective CO Oxidation in H2-Rich Gas on Pt/Al2O3☆
Abstract The selective CO oxidation reaction on Pt/γ-Al2O3insimulated reformer gas (75% H2; the rest is N2) was investigated over a wide range of CO concentrations (0.02–1.5%)at low stoichiometricExpand
Characterization of High‐Surface‐Area Electrocatalysts Using a Rotating Disk Electrode Configuration
A newly developed method is presented which allows the characterization of the electrocatalytic properties of highly dispersed electrocatalysts in a true rotating disk electrode (RDE) configurationExpand
STM investigation of single layer graphite structures produced on Pt(111) by hydrocarbon decomposition
STM has provided new insight into the nucleation, growth and nature of the graphite layer formed on Pt(111) by hydrocarbon decomposition. Annealing an ethylene covered surface to 800 K results in theExpand
Effect of temperature on surface processes at the Pt(111)-liquid interface: Hydrogen adsorption, oxide formation and CO oxidation
The variation of the adsorption pseudocapacitance with temperature is used to obtain the enthalpy, entropy, and free energies of adsorption of Hupd and OHad on Pt(111) as a function of pH and natureExpand
Interaction of oxygen with Al(111) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
The interaction of oxygen with Al(111) was studied by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Chemisorbed oxygen and surface oxides can be distinguished in STM images, where for moderate tunnel currentsExpand
Ethanol electro-oxidation on carbon-supported Pt, PtRu and Pt3Sn catalysts: A quantitative DEMS study
Abstract The electrocatalytic activity of commercial carbon supported PtRu/Vulcan and Pt3Sn/Vulcan bimetallic catalysts (E-TEK, Inc.) for ethanol oxidation under well defined electrolyte transportExpand
Direct observation of surface reactions by scanning tunneling microscopy: Ethylene→ethylidyne→carbon particles→graphite on Pt(111)
We have used variable temperature, ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), in both static and time‐dependent experiments, to study the chemistry of the ethylene/Pt(111) system. ImagesExpand