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Electromagnetic fields and interactions
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Theory of Heat
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Perturbation theory of a many-fermion system: (II). Expansions in reaction matrices
Abstract Currently, the most satisfactory version of Brueckner theory from the formal point of view is the generalized-time-ordered series of Brandow. In this formalism the Brueckner-Hartree-FockExpand
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Theoretical initial l dependence of ion-Rydberg-atom collision cross sections
Classical trajectory Monte Carlo calculations have been performed for ion-atom collisions in the velocity matching region for target Rydberg states of given specific n and l. A classical ensembleExpand
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Contributions of multi-electron processes to inner-shell charge transfer and vacancy production: projectile charge dependence in collisions of bare nuclei with argon
Previous coupled-channels calculations of inner-shell charge transfer and vacancy production for p+Ar collisions are extended to bare projectiles with nuclear charges Zp=2 and 6, in the collisionExpand
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Alkali-Atom—Halogen-Molecule Reactions in Molecular Beams; The Spectator Stripping Model
Crossed‐molecular‐beam techniques have been used to study reactive collisions in some alkali‐metal—halogen systems (Cs+Br2, K+I2, K+Br2, Rb+IBr). Both the absence of rainbow scattering inExpand
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Learning from Numerical Calculations of Ion-Atom Collisions (PROGRESS REPORT)
Violent collisions of two independent many-particle systems, victims, are discussed in the atomic sphere. Expand
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