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Efficiently mining long patterns from databases
We present a pattern-mining algorithm that scales roughly linearly in the number of maximal patterns embedded in a database irrespective of the length of the longest pattern. In comparison, previousExpand
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Scaling up all pairs similarity search
Given a large collection of sparse vector data in a high dimensional space, we investigate the problem of finding all pairs of vectors whose similarity score (as determined by a function such asExpand
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Data privacy through optimal k-anonymization
  • R. Bayardo, R. Agrawal
  • Computer Science
  • 21st International Conference on Data Engineering…
  • 5 April 2005
Data de-identification reconciles the demand for release of data for research purposes and the demand for privacy from individuals. This paper proposes and evaluates an optimization algorithm for theExpand
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Using CSP Look-Back Techniques to Solve Real-World SAT Instances
We report on the performance of an enhanced version of the "Davis-Putnam" (DP) proof procedure for propositional satisfiability (SAT) on large instances derived from real-world problems in planning,Expand
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Mining the most interesting rules
Several algorithms have been proposed for finding the “best,” “optimal,” or “most interesting” rule(s) in a database according to a variety of metrics including confidence, support, gain, chi-squaredExpand
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Constraint-based rule mining in large, dense databases
Constraint-based rule miners find all rules in a given dataset meeting user-specified constraints such as minimum support and confidence. We describe a new algorithm that directly exploits allExpand
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InfoSleuth: agent-based semantic integration of information in open and dynamic environments
The goal of the InfoSleuth project at MCC is to exploit and synthesize new technologies into a unified system that retrieves and processes information in an ever-changing network of informationExpand
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Counting Models Using Connected Components
Recent work by Birnbaum & Lozinskii [1999] demonstrated that a clever yet simple extension of the well-known DavisPutnam procedure for solving instances of propositional satisfiability yields anExpand
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A Complexity Analysis of Space-Bounded Learning Algorithms for the Constraint Satisfaction Problem
Learning during backtrack search is a space-intensive process that records information (such as additional constraints) in order to avoid redundant work. In this paper, we analyze the effects ofExpand
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PLANET: Massively Parallel Learning of Tree Ensembles with MapReduce
Classification and regression tree learning on massive datasets is a common data mining task at Google, yet many state of the art tree learning algorithms require training data to reside in memory onExpand
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