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Elements of Semiology
In his Course in General Linguistics, first published in 1916, Saussure postulated the existence of a general science of signs, or Semiology, of which linguistics would form only one part. SemiologyExpand
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Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography
Examining the themes of presence and absence, the relationship between photography and theatre, history and death, these 'reflections on photography' begin as an investigation into the nature ofExpand
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An Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narrative
of all, there is a prodigious variety of genres, each of which branches out into a variety of media, as if all substances could be relied upon to accommodate man's stories. Among the vehicles ofExpand
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Rhétorique de l'image
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S/Z: An Essay
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Éléments de sémiologie
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The Semiotic Challenge
Most of these essays were written between 1963 and 1973 and constitute either the elements of the semiotic discipline or the analysis of textsranging from the Bible to advertisingin order toExpand
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A Lover's Discourse: Fragments
An insight into the discourse a lover addresses to himself and to the imagined figure of his beloved. The text is structured as a dictionary and written in a series of aphorisms. Barthes is also theExpand
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LA Chambre Claire: Note Sur LA Photographie
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