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Government Spending in a Simple Model of Endogeneous Growth
  • R. Barro
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 May 1988
One strand of endogenous-growth models assumes constant returns to a broad concept of capital. I extend these models to include tax-financed government services that affect production or utility.Expand
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Are Government Bonds Net Wealth?
  • R. Barro
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 November 1974
The assumption that government bonds are perceived as net wealth by the private sector is crucial in demonstrating real effects of shifts in the stock of public debt. In particular, the standardExpand
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International Data on Educational Attainment Updates and Implications
This paper presents a data set that improves the measurement of educational attainment for a broad group of countries. We extend our previous estimates of educational attainment for the populationExpand
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A New Data Set of Educational Attainment in the World, 1950-2010
Our panel data set on educational attainment has been updated for 146 countries from 1950 to 2010. The data are disaggregated by sex and by 5-year age intervals. We have improved the accuracy ofExpand
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Inequality and Growth in a Panel of Countries
Evidence from a broad panel of countries shows little overall relation between income inequality and rates of growth and investment. For growth, higher inequality tends to retard growth in poorExpand
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Rare Disasters and Asset Markets in the Twentieth Century
The potential for rare economic disasters explains a lot of asset-pricing puzzles. I calibrate disaster probabilities from the twentieth century global history, especially the sharp contractionsExpand
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On the Determination of the Public Debt
  • R. Barro
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 October 1979
A public debt theory is constructed in which the Ricardian invariance theorem is valid as a first-order proposition but where the dependence excess burden on the timing of taxation implies an optimalExpand
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A Positive Theory of Monetary Policy in a Natural Rate Model
A discretionary policymaker can create surprise inflation, which may reduce employment and raise government revenue. But when people understand the policymaker's objectives, these surprises cannotExpand
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Convergence across States and Regions
A key economic issue is whether poor countries or regions tend to grow faster than rich ones: are there automatic forces that lead to convergence over time in the levels of per capita income andExpand
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Determinants of Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Empirical Study
Research on economic growth has exploded in the past decade. Hundreds of empirical studies on economic growth across countries have highlighted the correlation between growth and a variety ofExpand
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