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Improved naturalness with a heavy Higgs boson: An alternative road to CERN LHC physics
The quadratic divergences of the Higgs mass may be cancelled either accidentally or by the exchange of some new particles. Alternatively its impact on naturalness may be weakened by raising the Higgs
Higgs boson from an extended symmetry
The variety of ideas put forward in the context of a composite picture for the Higgs boson calls for a simple and effective description of the related phenomenology. Such a description is given here
Supersymmetry without a Light Higgs Boson
Motivated by the absence, so far, of any direct signal of conventional low-energy supersymmetry, we explore the consequences of making the lightest Higgs boson in supersymmetry relatively heavy, up
Mirror World at the Large Hadron Collider
A mirror world can modify in a striking way the LHC signals of the Higgs sector. An exact or approximate Z2 symmetry between the mirror world and our world allows large mixing between the Higgs