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The efficient real- and non-real-time make and model recognition of cars
Make and Model recognition of cars (MMR) has become an important element of automatic vision based systems. Nowadays, MMR utility is commonly added to traffic monitoring (e.g. Licence PlateExpand
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Quality assessment for a visual and automatic license plate recognition
Video transmission and analysis is often utilized in applications outside of the entertainment sector, and generally speaking this class of video is used to perform specific tasks. Examples of theseExpand
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Automated Text Detection and Character Recognition in Natural Scenes Based on Local Image Features and Contour Processing Techniques
A novel effective scheme for automated text detection and character recognition in natural scene images is presented in the paper. The proposed text detection approach belongs to the category ofExpand
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Software package for measurement of quality indicators working in no-reference model
The key objective of No-Reference (NR) visual metrics (indicators) is to predict the end-user experience concerning remotely delivered video content. Rapidly increasing demand for easily accessible,Expand
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Face Recognition for Movie Character and Actor Discrimination Based on Similarity Scores
A novel face recognition approach dedicated to discriminate between movie characters and actors is presented in the paper. In presented approach, faces are categorized according to similaritiesExpand
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A capable multimedia content discovery platform based on visual content analysis and intelligent data enrichment
A new capable content discovery platform based on multimedia data enrichment is presented in this paper. The platform, known as the IMCOP system, refers to the concept of intelligent discovery andExpand
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Signal compression based on zonal selection methods
Compression of signals in the spectral domain consists of the rejection of related transform coefficients and reconstruction of signals by inverse transforms. There exist two basic methods used toExpand
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The IMCOP System for Data Enrichment and Content Discovery and Delivery
  • R. Baran, Andrzej Zeja
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Computational Science…
  • 7 December 2015
This paper presents an overview of the IMCOP system dedicated to data enrichment and content discovery and delivery. A representative client application -- the DEEP platform -- for which the IMCOPExpand
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A smart camera for the surveillance of vehicles in intelligent transportation systems
The paper presents a smart camera aimed at security and law enforcement applications for intelligent transportation systems. An extended background is presented first as a scholar literature review.Expand
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A Smart Camera for Traffic Surveillance
An intelligent surveillance system based on visual information gathered by smart cameras, aimed at traffic monitoring with emphasis on traffic events caused by cars, is presented in the paper. TheExpand
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