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Statistical dynamics: matter out of equilibrium
States, dynamical functions, evolution general formalism of statistical mechanics reduced distribution functions and correlation functions the mean field approximation weak coupling kinetic equationExpand
Irreversible Processes in Ionized Gases
The general theory of irreversible processes, developed by Prigogine and Balescu, is applied to the case of long range interactions in ionized gases. A similar diagram technique permits theExpand
Relativistic statistical thermodynamics
Abstract The formalism of relativistic statistical mechanics, developed in previous papers, provides a very straightforward proof of the Lorentz invariance of the canonical equilibrium distributionExpand
On the covariant formulation of classical relativistic statistical mechanics
Abstract By developing Dirac's ideas, it is shown that a clear, covariant formulation of relativistic statistical mechanics can be constructed explicity. The basis lies in the duality between theExpand
V-Langevin equations, continuous time random walks and fractional diffusion
The following question is addressed: under what conditions can a strange diffusive process, defined by a semi-dynamical V-Langevin equation or its associated hybrid kinetic equation (HKE), beExpand