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Sur les propriétés différentielles de la production d'entropie
Synopsis The time variation of the entropy production (per unit volume and unit time) is split into two parts. The first is related to the changes of the generalized forces with time and the secondExpand
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Sur la theorie moleculaire du mouvement brownien
Summary It is well known that the usual theory of brownian motion has a strictly phenomenological character. The equilibrium distribution is postulated but not derived, as is also the specialExpand
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Constante diélectrique et mouvement brownien
2014 The theory of the dielectric constant is developed in a general way from the Liouville equation. A completely general expression is derived in which no assumption is made about the nature of theExpand
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Stochastic turbulence in Vlasov plasmas
Abstract A general stochastic treatment is performed from the fluctuating Vlasov equation describing an ensemble of collisionless turbulent plasmas. The method used takes advantage of exactExpand
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