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Particulate matter fluxes into the benthic boundary layer at a long time-series station in the abyssal NE Pacific: composition and fluxes
Abstract Sediment traps were deployed to collect contiguous 10-day samples of sedimenting particulate matter at 600 and 50 meters above bottom (mab) at an abyssal station off of the centralExpand
Pelagic-benthic coupling in the abyssal eastern North Pacific: An 8-year time-series study of food supply and demand
An 8-yr time-series study of the trophic coupling between a pelagic food supply and its utilization by the sediment community was conducted at 4,100-m depth in the eastern North Pacific between 1989Expand
Sediment community response to a temporally varying food supply at an abyssal station in the NE pacific
Long time-series measurements were made to examine the effect of episodic inputs of organic matter to the benthic boundary layer on the sediment community at a site in the eastern North Pacific (Sta.Expand
Coupling of near‐bottom pelagic and benthic processes at abyssal depths in the eastern North Pacific Ocean
A time-series site was established in the eastern North Pacific Ocean to study the coupling between near-bottom pelagic and benthic processes at abyssal depths in an area with well-documentedExpand
Temporal variability in currents and the benthic boundary layer at an abyssal station off central California
Abstract Current meter records from seven sequential moorings were collected during 1993–1996 at an abyssal station off central California (Sta. M; 4100 m depth). The entire 2 1 4 -yr time series ofExpand
Evidence for enhanced bioavailability of trace elements in the marine ecosystem of Deception Island, a volcano in Antarctica.
This study assessed whether trace elements present at Deception Island, an active submarine volcano in the Antarctic Peninsula, show enhanced biological availability to the local marine community.Expand
Climate effect on food supply to depths greater than 4,000 meters in the northeast Pacific
A long time-series study was conducted over 15 yr (1989–2004) to measure particulate organic carbon (POC) flux as an estimate of food supply reaching .4,000-m depth in the northeast Pacific.Expand
Effects of seasonal pack ice on the distribution of macrozooplankton and micronekton in the northwestern Weddell Sea
The presence of mesopelagic organisms in the guts of surface-foraging seabirds feeding in open areas within seasonal pack ice in the Antarctic has given rise to questions regarding the effects ofExpand
Temporal dynamics of particulate matter fluxes and sediment community response in Port Foster, Deception Island, Antarctica
Abstract Time-series particle flux and seasonal sediment community oxygen consumption (SCOC) were measured in Port Foster (160 m water depth), Deception Island, Antarctica, beginning in March 1999Expand
Reconciling particulate organic carbon flux and sediment community oxygen consumption in the deep North Pacific
THE mineralization of organic carbon in the deep ocean has been considered an enigma in the North Pacific. Comparisons of the supply of particulate organic carbon (POC) with estimates of itsExpand