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Identification of an acyclic diterpene alcohol in the defense secretion of soldiers ofReticulitermes lucifugus
The defense secretion of soldiers ofReticulitermes lucifugus has been shown to contain, predominantly, (R)-(−)-(E,E)-geranyllinalool together with germacrene A and β-farnesene.
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The identification of spiroacetals in the volatile secretions of two species of fruit fly (Dacus dorsalis, Dacus curcurbitae)
Aeration extracts from femaleDacus cucurbitae and femaleDacus dorsalis have been shown to contain a variety of 2,8-dialkyl-1, 7-diaxospiro [5.5] undecanes together with N-3-methylbutylacetamide.
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Chemical components of the rectal gland secretions of maleDacus cucurbitae, the melon fly
The volatile constituents of the rectal gland secretion of maleDacus cucurbitae have been shown to contain 2-methoxy-N-3-methylbutyl acetamide together with 2 other amides, 3 pyrazine derivatives andExpand
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Termite predation byMegaponera foetens (FAB.) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
Termite predation by the ponerine ant,Megaponera foetens, is coordinated by chemicals from at least two glands. Columns of ants are guided to termite foraging areas by pheromones originating from theExpand
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Chemical crypsis in predatory ants
The repellent responses of worker termites to ants are determined by the exocrine gland secretions of the latter. Specialized termite predators produce non-repellent aliphatic alcohols as the majorExpand
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Methoxymercuration-demercuration and mass spectrometry in the identification of the sex pheromones ofPanolis flammea, the pine beauty moth
The major components of the sex pheromone system ofPanolis flammea, pine beauty moth have been identified as (Z)-9-tetradecenyl acetate, (Z)-11-hexadecenyl acetate and (Z)-11-tetradecenyl acetate inExpand
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Ortho-aminoacetophenone: A component of the sex pheromone system of the web-spinning larch sawfly,Cephalcia lariciphila wachtl
The ortho-isomer of aminoacetophenone was found in females ofCephalcia lariciphila. The pheromone released antennal movement, abdominal flexing and short flights in males, but did not releaseExpand
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The effect of pyridoxine supplementation on dietary protein utilization in gilthead seabream fry
A study was undertaken to ascertain the effect of pyridoxine in diets of varying protein to energy ratio (P: E) for Mediterranean gilthead seabream fry (Sparus aurata) with respect to proteinExpand
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Response of the sawflyDiprion similis to chiral sex pheromones
Males ofDiprion similis respond to both the (+)-2R,3R,7R and (−)-2S,3S,7S enantiomers of its sex pheromone, erythro-3,7-dimethyl pentadecan-2-yl propionate. A mixture of the 2 enantiomers induces aExpand
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