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Impact of improved cookstoves on indoor air quality in the Bundelkhand region in India
Despite the reach of India's National Program on Improved Chulhas, little quantitative monitoring and evaluation of improved stove projects in India has previously been undertaken by non-governmentalExpand
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Accumulation and toxic effect of arsenic and other heavy metals in a contaminated area of West Bengal, India, in the lichen Pyxine cocoes (Sw.) Nyl.
Ecological indicators can be used to assess the condition of the environment, to provide an early warning signal of changes in the surrounding environment or to diagnose the causes of anExpand
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Biodiversity, bioaccumulation and physiological changes in lichens growing in the vicinity of coal-based thermal power plant of Raebareli district, north India.
The lichen diversity assessment carried out around a coal-based thermal power plant indicated the increase in lichen abundance with the increase in distance from power plant in general. TheExpand
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Determination of atmospheric heavy metals using two lichen species in Katni and Rewa cities, India.
A biomonitoring study was conducted to assess the levels of atmospheric heavy metal pollution in Katni and Rewa cities of Madhya Pradesh, state in central India. The Pyxine cocoes and PhaeophysciaExpand
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Effect of metal content on chlorophyll fluorescence and chlorophyll degradation in lichen Pyxine cocoes (Sw.) Nyl.: a case study from Uttar Pradesh, India
The major aim of the present study is to identify the relationship of physiological parameters of the photosynthetic system with the elemental content of the naturally growing lichen Pyxine cocoes.Expand
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Lichenology: Current Research in India
Lichens are one of the important constituents of the Indian flora. The vast topographical and climatic diversity has endowed it with a rich lichen flora, both in luxuriance and diversity. DespiteExpand
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The genus Usnea: a potent phytomedicine with multifarious ethnobotany, phytochemistry and pharmacology
The genus Usnea Adans. (Parmeliaceae; lichenized Ascomycetes) is a typical group of mostly pale grayish-green fruticoselichens that grow as leafless mini-shrubs. More than 360 species of Usnea areExpand
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Passive monitoring of atmospheric heavy metals in a historical city of central India by Lepraria lobificans Nyl.
Using an organism living in situ for monitoring is referred as passive monitoring. Lepraria lobificans Nyl., a leprose lichen growing naturally on monuments and buildings in the city Mandav inExpand
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Pollution monitoring with the help of lichen transplant technique at some residential sites of Lucknow City, Uttar Pradesh.
Samples of foliose lichen, Dirinaria consimillis (Fr.) Awasthi were transplanted at six residential sites of Lucknow city for monitoring the concentration of Cr, Zn, Pb, Cu and Cd metals at twoExpand
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Preparation, characterization and microhardness study of semi interpenetrating polymer networks of polyvinyl alcohol and crosslinked polyacrylamide
Semi-IPNs based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and crosslinked polyacrylamide (PAM) were prepared and characterized. Various compositions of semi-interpenetrating polymer networks (semi-IPNs) wereExpand
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