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Human tide: the real migration crisis.
The number of IDPs is expected to rise dramatically in the coming decades. And those already displaced look likely to be joined by at least equal numbers of people forced from their homes because ofExpand
Performance of time-varying predictors in multilevel models under an assumption of fixed or random effects.
Results of the simulation show that estimates of the fixed effect of the time-varying predictor are as accurate for these cases as for cases with positive variance estimates, and that treating theTime-variesing predictor as random and allowing negative variance estimates performs well, whether thetime-vARYing predictor is fixed or random in reality. Expand
Ocean Acidification: A Litmus Test for International Law
Ocean acidification, the changing chemistry of the oceans as a result of the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, is caused by the atmospheric pollutant that is also the main driver ofExpand
One fish, two fish, IUU and no fish: unreported fishing worldwide
Chapter 12 of a Handbook on Marine Fisheries Conservation and Management. This Chapter examines the incidence of IUU fishing through the world's oceans and provides an number of illustrative caseExpand
Neighborhood Effects of Intergroup Contact on Change in Youth Intergroup Bias
Both frequency and quality of contact at the neighborhood level predicted slower increases in bias across adolescence, which adds to a growing literature that combines social and developmental approaches to understanding how intergroup processes and intergroup divide impact youth development of intergroup attitudes and behaviors. Expand
Impact of Political Conflict on Trajectories of Adolescent Prosocial Behavior: Implications for Civic Engagement
This study prospectively examines trajectories of adolescent prosocial behaviors over 6 consecutive years in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a setting of on-going sectarian conflict using a launch and ambient approach, which helps to disentangle these effects over time. Expand
Aspects of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing in the Southern Ocean
Overfishing threatens the viability of high seas living resources. Furthermore, controls to prevent overfishing are inadequate. Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing is a product ofExpand
CCAMLR Initiatives to counter flag state non-enforcement in southern ocean fisheries
Not all states that have vessels registered under their flag take responsibility for the actions of those vessels and their crews. When enforcement is not carried out by flag states, illegal,Expand
Transnational security issues in the Asia Pacific: fisheries and piracy
There are a multitude of maritime security challenges for Asian States ranging from terrorism, drug-trafficking, gun running, people smuggling, interstate conflict over maritime claims, piracy andExpand