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Measurement and use of acoustic nonlinearity and sound speed to estimate composition of excised livers.
The acoustic nonlinearity parameter B/A and sound speed c have been determined for excised normal and abnormal human livers at 20-37 degrees C. These values are compared with analytic measurements ofExpand
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Ultrasound transmission computed tomography of the breast.
A preliminary clinical study of ultrasound transmission computed tomography of the breast (UTCTB) was undertaken to evaluate its capacity in the detection of breast abnormalities and to establishExpand
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Occult thyroid carcinoma in olmsted county, minnesota: Prevalence at autopsy compared with that in hiroshima and nagasaki. Japan
Nine occult carcinomas of the thyroid were found in 157 autopsies of deceased residents of Olmsted County, Minnesota, a prevalence of 5.7%. This rate is significantly lower than that reported from aExpand
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The Celiac Ganglia in Man: Normal Anatomic Variations
The celiac ganglia and plexus were examined during autopsy in 20 adult bodies. The size of the ganglia and their relationships to the celiac artery were determined by direct measurement; theirExpand
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Evidence for secretion of an aldosterone-stimulating hormone by the kidney.
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Measurement of the acoustic nonlinearity parameter B/A in human tissues by a thermodynamic method.
A thermodynamic method for measuring the acoustic nonlinearity parameter B/A in tissues is presented. It is based on the measurement of change in phase velocity as a function of time as theExpand
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Aberrant adrenal contical tissue near the testis in human infants.
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