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The Demography of Roman Egypt
This is a study of the demography of Roman Egypt during the first three centuries AD based on surviving census returns on papyri. These records list all household members including lodgers andExpand
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
In 102 full-color maps spread over 175 pages, the Barrington Atlas re-creates the entire world of the Greeks and Romans from the British Isles to the Indian subcontinent and deep into North Africa.Expand
Women's Letters from Ancient Egypt, 300 BC-AD 800
This work includes the private letters of ancient women in Egypt, from Alexander the Great to the Arab conquest. When historians study the women of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman antiquity, they areExpand
Egypt in late antiquity
List of IllustrationsPrefaceA Note on References and AbbreviationsIntroduction31The Environment152The Cities453Country Villages1104City and Country1485People and Families1816Power andExpand
Berenike Crossroads: The Integration of Information
The harbor town of Berenike functioned in the long-distance trade between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean Basin from the third century BC to the early sixth century AD. This contribution aimsExpand
Alexandria: Library of Dreams
Y TITLE does not intend to suggest that the Alexandrian Library did not exist, but it does point to what I regard as 1JvJ. z the unreal character of much that has been said about it. The disparityExpand
Price in ‘Sales on Delivery’
E the more curious types of document found in the papyri of Ptolemaic, Roman and especially Byzantine Egypt is the contract whereby a party acknowledges receipt of money as the price for goods to beExpand