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The genus Stephania (Menispermaceae): chemical and pharmacological perspectives.
The plants of the genus Stephania (Menispermaceae) are widely distributed, and have long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of various ailments such as asthma, tuberculosis, dysentery,Expand
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Dendrimers: A novel approach for drug targeting
The formation of particulate systems with well-defined sizes and shapes is of eminent interest in certain medical applications like drug delivery, gene transfection and imaging. The high level ofExpand
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Anti-hyperglycemic Effect of Stephania Glabra Tubers in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Mice
Different doses of ethanolic extract of Stephania glabra tuber were evaluated for antihyperglycemic activity in alloxan induced diabetic mice. The oral administration of 100, 200 and 500 mg/kg bodyExpand
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Celtisanin, a novel sulphonated phenolic from Celtis australis L. fruits
A novel sulphonated phenolic named celtisanin (1), elucidated as 3-[8′-hydroxy-prop-6′-ene-6′-yl]-5-hydroxymethyl-4-methoxy-2-[penta-1′,4′-diene-1′-yl-5′-sulphonic acid]-5,6-dihydrobenzofuran, hasExpand
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Chemical Constituents from Fruits and Stem Bark of Celtis australis L.
Four triterpenoids named (9β,31R)-9,25-cyclo-30-propylhopan-31-ol (1), (3β)-3-hydroxy-30-propylhopan-31-one (2), (3β)-oleanan-3-ol (3), and (3β,9β)-9,25-cycloolean-12-en-3-yl β-D-glucofuranoside (4),Expand
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Chewing Gum: A Novel Approach for Drug Delivery
People of all cultures chew gum, and a variety of gums and gum-like substances have been enjoyed for thousands of years. The introduction and subsequent success of Nicotine chewing gum in the 1980’sExpand
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Chemical constituents and biological applications of the genus Symplocos
The genus Symplocos has been reviewed for its chemical constituents and biological activities including traditional importance of some common species. The plants of this genus contain terpenoids,Expand
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Fatty acid Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Celtis australis L. Fruits
Methyl esters of fatty acid obtained from Celtis australis fruits were subjected to GC-MS in order to determine the identity and concentration of its constituents. Methyl oleate (25.7%), methylExpand
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