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A Search for Infall Motions toward Nearby Young Stellar Objects
We report observations of 47 candidate protostars in two optically thick lines [H2CO (212-111) and CS (2-1)] and one optically thin line [N2H+ (1-0)] using the IRAM 30 m, SEST 15 m, and Haystack 37 mExpand
L1544: A Starless dense core with extended inward motions
We present a multiline study of the dense core L1544 in the Taurus molecular complex. Although L1544 does not harbor an embedded star, it presents several characteristics of cores that have alreadyExpand
Chemically active outflow L 1157
We present millimeter-wave maps of the L 1157 bipolar outflow in several molecular emission lines. The CO emission traces the bulk of the outflowing gas in the red and blue shifted lobes displaying aExpand
Circumstellar disks around Herbig Be stars
Aims. Our goal is to investigate the properties of the circumstellar disks around intermediate mass stars to determine their occurrence, lifetime and evolution. Methods. We completed a search forExpand
Complex Molecules in the L1157 Molecular Outflow
We report the detection of complex organic molecules in the young protostellar outflow L1157. We identify lines from HCOOCH3, CH3CN, HCOOH, and C2H5OH at the position of the B1 shock in theExpand
A violent outflow of high-velocity gas is one of the first manifestations of the formation of a new star. Such outflows emerge bipolarly from the young object and involve amounts of energy similar toExpand
Dust emission from young outflows: The case of L 1157
We present new high-sensitivity 1.3 mm bolometer observations of the young outflow L 1157. These data show that the continuum emission arises from four distinct components: a circumstellar disk, aExpand
The Molecular Envelope of the Helix Nebula
We present a fully sampled map of the Helix Nebula in the 1.3 mm CO J = 2-1 line, made using the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory. The angular resolution is 31'', and the velocity resolution is 1.5Expand
A molecular survey of outflow gas: velocity-dependent shock chemistry and the peculiar composition of the EHV gas
Context. Bipolar outflows from Class 0 protostars often present two components in their CO spectra that have different kinematic behaviors: a smooth outflow wing and a discrete, extremelyExpand
High-Resolution CO and H2 Molecular Line Imaging of a Cometary Globule in the Helix Nebula
We report high-resolution imaging of a prominent cometary globule in the Helix Nebula in the CO J = 1-0 (2.6 mm) and H2 v = 1-0 S(1) (2.12 μm) lines. The observations confirm that globules consist ofExpand