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Anti-biofouling properties of comblike block copolymers with amphiphilic side chains.
Surfaces of novel block copolymers with amphiphilic side chains were studied for their ability to influence the adhesion of marine organisms and a mathematical model to extract depth-profile information from the normalized NEXAFS partial electron yield is developed. Expand
Sub-50 nm feature sizes using positive tone molecular glass resists for EUV lithography
Extreme ultra violet (EUV) lithography is one of the most promising next generation lithographic techniques for the production of sub-50 nm feature sizes with applications in the semiconductorExpand
Diazonaphthoquinone Molecular Glass Photoresists: Patterning without Chemical Amplification
Molecular glass photoresists have attracted increasing attention as next-generation replacements for traditional polymeric resists. Most of those reported so far have been based on a contrastExpand
Novel EUV resist development for sub-14nm half pitch
Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography has emerged as a promising candidate for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices at the sub-14nm half pitch lines and spaces (LS) pattern for 7 nm node andExpand
Non-ionic photo-acid generators for applications in two-photon lithography
Non-ionic photoacid generators (PAGs) have been designed and synthesized for use in two-photon lithography (TPL). The chromophores in these new PAGs are covalently linked to the photocleavable groupExpand
Arylonium photoacid generators containing environmentally compatible aryloxyperfluoroalkanesulfonate groups
Photoacid generators (PAGs) producing environmentally benign 2-phenoxytetrafluoroethanesulfonate fluoroorganic sulfonic acids were synthesized. Synthesis and characterization of the new PAGs composedExpand
Molecular glass resists for next generation lithography
In order to meet the growing demand of the electronics industry for smaller, higher resolution features much recent attention has focused on next generation lithographic techniques, such as ExtremeExpand
Novel EUV resist materials and process for 20nm half pitch and beyond
New resist, under layer, and topcoat materials specific to EUVL was developed and investigated for sub 20 nm hp patterning performance. High Tg resin and high absorption resin were developed andExpand
Novel EUV resist materials for 16nm half pitch and EUV resist defects
Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is a candidate for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices at the 22 nm half pitch node and below. EUV lithography requires high performance resist withExpand
Single-expose patterning development for EUV lithography
Initial readiness of EUV (extreme ultraviolet) patterning was demonstrated in 2016 with IBM Alliance's 7nm device technology. The focus has now shifted to driving the 'effective' k1 factor andExpand