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The role of personal wealth in small business finance
Abstract This paper provides new empirical evidence on the relationship between personal commitments and the allocation of small business credit. The data suggest that personal commitments areExpand
Risk-based capital and deposit insurance reform
Risk-based capital (RBC) is an important component of deposit insurance reform. This paper provides an empirical analysis of the new 1992 RBC bank standards, applying them to data on virtually allExpand
Market Discipline in Regulating Bank Risk: New Evidence from the Capital Markets
This study evaluates the potential for bank subordinated notes and debentures to enhance market discipline by analyzing the sensitivity of the interest-rate spread between bank-related debt andExpand
Opportunities and Issues in using HMDA Data
Since 1975, the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) has required most mortgage lending institutions to disclose to the public information about the home loans they originate or purchase during aExpand
Credit risk, credit scoring, and the performance of home mortgages
Institutions involved in lending, including mortgage lending, carefully assess credit risk, which is the possibility that borrowers will fail to pay their loan obligations as scheduled. The judgmentsExpand
Multiple Channel Types Contribute to the Low-Voltage-Activated Calcium Current in Hippocampal CA3 Pyramidal Neurons
It is suggested that in physiologic Ca3+ more than one type of Ca2+ channel contributes to the LVA current in CA3 neurons, and the designation “low-voltage-activated” should not be limited to T-type channels. Expand
Loan commitments and bank risk exposure
Loan commitments increase a bank's risk by obligating it to issue future loans under terms that it might otherwise refuse. However, moral hazard and adverse selection problems potentially may resultExpand
An overview of consumer data and credit reporting
For some time, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has sought to obtain more detailed and timely information on the debt status, loan payment behavior, and overall credit quality ofExpand