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Bioavailability of riverine dissolved organic matter in three Baltic Sea estuaries and the effect of catchment land use
The microbial degradation of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen (DOC, DON) was studied in three Finnish boreal estuaries with contrasting land use patterns (Kiiminkijoki – natural forest andExpand
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Qualitative changes of riverine dissolved organic matter at low salinities due to flocculation
The flocculation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) was studied along transects through three boreal estuaries. Besides the bulk concentration parameters, a suite of DOM quality parameters wereExpand
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Development of a subsurface chlorophyll maximum at the entrance to the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea
Horizontal, vertical, and temporal variability of chlorophyll a (Chl a), stratification, currents, and pelagial biology (phytoplankton, size-fractionated primary productivity and Chl a, ciliates,Expand
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Processing of humic-rich riverine dissolved organic matter by estuarine bacteria: effects of predegradation and inorganic nutrients
Abstract The bioavailability of predegraded dissolved organic matter (DOM) from a humic-rich, boreal river to estuarine bacteria from the Baltic Sea was studied in 39-day bioassays. The river watersExpand
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Survival and photosynthetic activity of different Dinophysis acuminata populations in the northern Baltic Sea
Abstract This study deals with a recently found phenomenon in the northern Baltic Sea: the occurrence of the dinoflagellate Dinophysis acuminata in the deep water below the thermocline. This wasExpand
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Dissolved extracellular polymeric substances (dEPS) dynamics and bacterial growth during sea ice formation in an ice tank study
Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) are known to help microorganisms to survive under extreme conditions in sea ice. High concentrations of EPS are reported in sea ice from both poles; however,Expand
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Bioavailability and radiocarbon age of fluvial dissolved organic matter (DOM) from a northern peatland-dominated catchment: effect of land-use change
The radiocarbon age and biodegradability of dissolved organic matter (DOM) from a northern peat-dominated river system was studied and the effects of land-use were compared. Samples were obtainedExpand
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Solar PAR and UVR modify the community composition and photosynthetic activity of sea ice algae.
The effects of increased photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and ultraviolet radiation (UVR) on species diversity, biomass and photosynthetic activity were studied in fast ice algalExpand
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Phytoplankton and bacterioplankton production and bacterial biomass in a fjord-like bay – open sea gradient
Bacterial production and biomass as well as primary production were compared along a gradient from a fjord-like bay influenced by river runoff (Pojo Bay) to the open sea area on the southern coast ofExpand
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