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A Definition of Subjective Probability
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Subjectivity and Correlation in Randomized Strategies
Subjectivity and correlation, though formally related, are conceptually distinct and independent issues. We start by discussing subjectivity. A mixed strategy in a game involves the selection of aExpand
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Correlated Equilibrium as an Expression of Bayesian Rationality Author ( s )
If it is common knowledge that the players in a game are Bayesian utility maximizers who treat uncertainty about other players' actions like any other uncertainty, then the outcome is necessarily aExpand
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Agreeing to disagree.
  • R. Aumann
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  • 1 November 1976
Two people, 1 and 2, are said to have common knowledge of an event E if both know it, 1 knows that 2 knows it, 2 knows that 1 knows it, 1 knows that 2 knows that 1 knows it, and so on.
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Game theoretic analysis of a bankruptcy problem from the Talmud
Abstract For three different bankruptcy problems, the 2000-year old Babylonian Talmud prescribes solutions that equal precisely the nucleoli of the corresponding coalitional games. A rationale forExpand
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Markets with a continuum of traders
It is suggested that the most natural mathematical model for a market with "perfect competition" is one in which there is a continuum of traders (like the continuum of points on a line). It is shownExpand
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Values of Non-Atomic Games
The "Shapley value" of a finite multi- person game associates to each player the amount he should be willing to pay to participate. This book extends the value concept to certain classes ofExpand
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Cooperative games with coalition structures
Many game-theoretic solution notions have been defined or can be defined not only with reference to the all-player coalition, but also with reference to an arbitrary coalition structure. In thisExpand
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