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Through-focus or volumetric type of optical imaging methods: a review
  • R. Attota
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Journal of biomedical optics
  • 1 July 2018
Abstract. In recent years, the use of through-focus (TF) or volumetric type of optical imaging has gained momentum in several areas such as biological imaging, microscopy, adaptive optics, materialExpand
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Through-focus scanning-optical-microscope imaging method for nanoscale dimensional analysis.
We present a novel optical technique that produces nanometer dimensional measurement sensitivity using a conventional bright-field optical microscope, by analyzing through-focusExpand
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Critical dimension metrology by through-focus scanning optical microscopy beyond the 22 nm node
We present results using simulations and experiments to demonstrate metrological applications of the through-focus scanning optical microscopy (TSOM) down to features at and well below theExpand
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Parameter optimization for through-focus scanning optical microscopy.
It is important to economically and non-destructively analyze three-dimensional (3-D) shapes of nanometer to micrometer scale objects with sub-nanometer measurement resolution for emergingExpand
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Linewidth measurement technique using through-focus optical images.
We present a detailed experimental study of a new through-focus technique to measure critical dimension linewidth with nanometer sensitivity using a bright field optical microscope. This methodExpand
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Köhler illumination for high-resolution optical metrology
Accurate preparation of illumination is critical for high-resolution optical metrology applications such as linewidth and overlay measurements. To improve the detailed evaluation and alignment of theExpand
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Nanometrology using a through-focus scanning optical microscopy method
We present an initial review of a novel through-focus scanning optical microscopy (TSOM pronounced as 'tee-som') imaging method that produces nanometer-dimensional measurement sensitivity using aExpand
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Scatterfield microscopy for extending the limits of image-based optical metrology.
We have developed a set of techniques, referred to as scatterfield microscopy, in which the illumination is engineered in combination with appropriately designed metrology targets to extend the limits of image-based optical metrology. Expand
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Fundamental limits of optical critical dimension metrology: a simulation study
This paper is a comprehensive summary and analysis of a SEMATECH funded project to study the limits of optical critical dimension scatterometry (OCD). The project was focused on two primary elements:Expand
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TSOM method for semiconductor metrology
Through-focus scanning optical microscopy (TSOM) is a new metrology method that achieves 3D nanoscale measurement sensitivity using conventional optical microscopes; measurement sensitivities areExpand
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