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Atmospheric degradation of volatile organic compounds.
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Gas-phase tropospheric chemistry of biogenic volatile organic compounds: a review
Large quantities of non-methane organic compounds are emitted into the atmosphere from biogenic sources, mainly from vegetation. These organic compounds include isoprene, C10H16 monoterpenes, C15H24Expand
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Gas-Phase Tropospheric Chemistry of Volatile Organic Compounds: 1. Alkanes and Alkenes
Literature data (through mid-1996) concerning the gas-phase reactions of alkanes and alkenes (including isoprene and monoterpenes) leading to their first generation products are reviewed andExpand
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Evaluated kinetic and photochemical data for atmospheric chemistry: Volume IV – gas phase reactions of organic halogen species
This article, the fourth in the series, presents kinetic and photochemical data sheets evaluated by the IUPAC Subcommittee on Gas Kinetic Data Evaluation for Atmospheric Chemistry. It covers the gasExpand
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Fundamental uncertainties in projects and the scope of project management
This paper builds on discussions that took place over a series of meetings in the UK of the Rethinking Project Management Network. The management of uncertainty is seen as a necessary condition forExpand
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Estimation of hydroxyl radical reaction rate constants for gas-phase organic compounds using a structure-reactivity relationship : an update
Abstract The structure-reactivity approach proposed by Atkinson (1986, Chem. Rev. 86 , 69-201) and extended by Atkinson (1987, Int. J. Chem. Kinet. 19 , 799-828) for the calculation of rate constantsExpand
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Gas-phase tropospheric chemistry of organic compounds: a review
The current knowledge of the gas-phase reactions occurring in the troposphere for alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, oxygenates and aromatic hydrocarbons and their photooxidation products is reviewed, andExpand
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A product study of the gas-phase reaction of Isoprene with the OH radical in the presence of NOx
The gas-phase reaction of isoprene with the OH radical, in the resence of NOx, was investigated at 298 ± 2 K and atmospheric pressure of air by long path length FT-IR spectroscopy. The primaryExpand
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Evaluated Kinetic and Photochemical Data for Atmospheric Chemistry: Supplement VI. IUPAC Subcommittee on Gas Kinetic Data Evaluation for Atmospheric Chemistry
This paper updates and extends part of the previous data base of critical evaluations of the kinetics and photochemistry of gas-phase chemical reactions of neutral species involved in atmosphericExpand
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Development and evaluation of a detailed mechanism for the atmospheric reactions of isoprene and NOx
A detailed photochemical mechanism for the atmospheric reactions of isoprene and its major oxidation products in the presence of NOx, which incorporates the most recent laboratory results and ourExpand
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