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Scheduling flexible flow lines with sequence-dependent setup times
A flexible flow line is a hybrid or (regular) flow line where at least one job need not be processed on any machines in at leastone stage. Expand
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Cell formation in group technology: review, evaluation and directions for future research
Abstract This paper discusses and reviews a fundamental issue in cellular manufacturing—cell formation. This problem is of strategic and operational importance in that it affects the fundamentalExpand
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Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS AND MODELS Manufacturing Models MATERIAL FLOW SYSTEMS Assembly Lines: Reliable Serial Systems Transfer Lines and General Serial Systems Shop Scheduling with Many ProductsExpand
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Comparing scheduling rules for flexible flow lines
This paper explores scheduling flexible flow lines with sequence-dependent setup times. Expand
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Forming effective worker teams for cellular manufacturing
Cellular manufacturing has been extensively adopted as a measure to reduce cycle time, increase productivity, and improve product quality. The past research in cellular manufacturing has focused onExpand
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A Procedure for Production Lot Sizing with Probabilistic Dynamic Demand
Abstract Numerous production-inventory systems experience significant demand variations from period to period. In many cases, actual demand is random as well. Due to the computational complexity andExpand
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Heuristic scheduling of parallel machines with sequence-dependent set-up times
In many manufacturing environments, multiple processing stations are used in parallel to obtain adequate capacity. Expand
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A parallel station heuristic for the mixed-model production line balancing problem
Demand for customized products and proliferation of optimal features have increased the need for flexible assembly systems that are capable of simultaneously producing multiple versions of similarExpand
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Dynamic task assignment for throughput maximization with worksharing
The traditional assembly line balancing problem involves assigning a set of partially precedence constrained tasks to workstations to maximize efficiency. Expand
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Reliability analysis of electronic devices with multiple competing failure modes involving performance aging degradation
This paper presents an extension of reliability analysis of electronic devices with multiple competing failure modes involving performance aging degradation. The probability that a product fails on aExpand
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