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Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions
Asymptotics of Jacobi matrices for a family of fractal measures GÖKALP APLAN BILKENT UNIVERSITY, TYRKEY There are many results concerning asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials and Jacobi matrices
Pi and the AGM
88. Teo Mora Solving Polynomial Equation Systems, I 89. Klaus Bichteler Stochastic Integration with Jumps 90. M. Lothaire Algebraic Combinatorics on Words 91. A. A. Ivanov & S. V. Shpectorov Geometry
A Set of Orthogonal Polynomials That Generalize the Racah Coefficients or 6 - j Symbols.
A very general set of orthogonal polynomials with five free parameters is given explicitly, the orthogonality relation is proved and the three term recurrence relation is found.
Classical orthogonal polynomials
There have been a number of definitions of the classical orthogonal polynomials, but each definition has left out some important orthogonal polynomials which have enough nice properties to justify
Some Basic Hypergeometric Extensions of Integrals of Selberg and Andrews
A. Selberg evaluated an important multivariable extension of the beta function integral. Andrews found a related integral and evaluated it using a result of Dyson, Gunson and Wilson. Basic
A generalization of ultraspherical polynomials
Some old polynomials of L. J. Rogers are orthogonal. Their weight function is given. The connection coefficient problem, which Rogers solved by guessing the formula and proving it by induction, is