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The other transistor: early history of the metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor
The silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET or MOS transistor) did not become significant commercially until two decades after the 1948 announcement of the invention of theExpand
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Resonant Cavities in the History of Architectural Acoustics
L'acoustique est la science du son, incluant sa production, sa transmission et ses effets, et depend de l'environnement et de l'architecture du lieu dans lequel il est emis. L'A. decrit son histoire,Expand
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Detecting the Neutrino
Abstract. In 1930 Wolfgang Pauli suggested that a new particle might be required to make sense of the radioactive-disintegration mode known as beta decay. This conjecture initially seemed impossibleExpand
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Changing the University through Program Review
Higher education experienced a period of significant expansion in the quarter century following World War II. Most universities became not only larger, but also more complex. Through much of thisExpand
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The high-vacuum X-ray tube : Technological change in social context
Les rayons X qui etaient autrefois consideres comme genants et incommodes sont, depuis 1920, un formidable outil d'investigation utilise en medecine grâce a un contexte scientifique, social,Expand
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Characteristics of alveolar cells and soluble components in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from non-smoking aluminium potroom workers.
Aluminium potroom workers have been reported to develop severe pneumoconiosis and bronchial hyperreactivity. The influence of inhalation of aluminium oxide and fluorides on the alveolar milieu wasExpand
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Lung function and bronchial reactivity in aluminum potroom workers.
Lung function and bronchial reactivity were measured in 38 aluminum potroom workers with no airway symptoms and in 20 healthy referents (office workers). All of the participants were non-smokers. TheExpand
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Strategic Choices for Data Communications Systems.
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The Soundscape of Modernity: Architectural Acoustics and the Culture of Listening in America, 1900-1933 (review)
inventions connected with wireless. One was his cymometer, an instrument for measuring wave length. Far more significant, however, was the thermionic valve, which could rectify high-frequencyExpand