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The Kaapvaal Craton and adjacent orogens, southern Africa: a geochronological database and overview of the geological development of the craton
Geochronological comparisons of large datasets are facilitated by the use of structured databases. Data for the Precambrian of South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho and Botswana have been compiled in a
Initiation of the western branch of the East African Rift coeval with the eastern branch
Rifting of the eastern part of the East African Rift System was thought to have begun several million years before its western counterpart. Reconstructions of drainage development, combined with
Dating the Oldest Greenstone in India: A 3.51-Ga Precise U-Pb SHRIMP Zircon Age for Dacitic Lava of the Southern Iron Ore Group, Singhbhum Craton
This article reports a precise 3506.8 ± 2.3-Ma U-Pb SHRIMP zircon age for dacitic lava in a well-preserved low-grade metamorphic and low-strained greenstone belt succession of the southern Iron Ore
The History of Granulite-Facies Metamorphism and Crustal Growth from Single Zircon U-Pb Geochronology: Namaqualand, South Africa
The Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex is a well-exposed, INTRODUCTION Mesoproterozoic, low-pressure, amphibolite–granulite-facies terrane flanking the Archaean Kaapvaal Craton of southern Africa.