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Batterer intervention programmes: A meta-analytic review of effectiveness
A meta-analysis of the state-of-the-art on the efficacy of batterer treatment programmes was conducted from the year 1975 to 2013. A total of 19 Spanish and English language research articles wereExpand
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Criteria-Based Content Analysis (CBCA) reality criteria in adults: A meta-analytic review
Background/Objective: Criteria-Based Content Analysis (CBCA) is the tool most extensively used worldwide for evaluating the veracity of a testimony. CBCA, initially designed for evaluating theExpand
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Undeutsch hypothesis and Criteria Based Content Analysis: A meta-analytic review
The credibility of a testimony is a crucial component of judicial decision-making. Checklists of testimony credibility criteria are extensively used by forensic psychologists to assess theExpand
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Psychological injury in victims of child sexual abuse: A meta-analytic review
In order to assess the effects of child/adolescent sexual abuse (CSA/ASA) on the victim’s probability of developing symptoms of depression and anxiety, to quantify injury in populational terms, toExpand
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Assessment of a community rehabilitation programme in convicted male intimate-partner violence offenders
Resumen en: In Spain, the mandatory community rehabilitation of convicted male intimate-partner violence offenders opens new avenues for the treatment of these offen...
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Assessment of the Standard Forensic Procedure for the Evaluation of Psychological Injury in Intimate-Partner Violence
Abstract In judicial terms, a victim refers to any person who has suffered injury arising from an action or omission of an action that constitutes an offence, and the burden of proof lies with theExpand
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Predictors of Anxiety towards Computers.
Abstract The relations between anxiety towards computers and the variables: trait anxiety, anxiety towards mathematics, perceived impact of computers on society and experience in using computers wereExpand
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Child-to-parent violence and parent-to-child violence: a meta-analytic review
In order to examine the literature on the relationship between child-to-parent violence and parent-to-child violence, a meta-analytic review was designed with 26 effect sizes assessing theExpand
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The Fake Bad Scale : Malingering or Litigation Response Syndrome-- Which is It ?
This report examines the similarity of items on the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF versions of the Lees-Haley, et al. (1991) Symptom Validity (formerly Fake Bad) Scale (FBS; FBS-r) with emotional and somaticExpand
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Psychological Harm in Women Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: Epidemiology and Quantification of Injury in Mental Health Markers
Victimization of a crime is defined in terms of the physical and psychological injury sustained by the victim. A field study was designed with women victims of intimate partner violence (WVs-IPV) toExpand
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