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Comparative study of virgin olive oil sensory defects
Abstract The main sensory defects found in virgin olive oil (winey–vinegary, mustiness–humidity, fusty and rancid) were studied by dynamic headspace high-resolution gas chromatography with flameExpand
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Characterisation of monovarietal virgin olive oils
This review analyses, how pedoclimatic aspects together with olive ripeness, harvest of olives, and the olive extraction system determine the chemical composition and sensory descriptors which assessExpand
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Effect of various compounds on virgin olive oil stability measured by Rancimat.
Phenolic and orthodiphenolic compounds together with carotenoids, tocopherols, pigments, and fatty acids were tested for their antioxidant effect in 79 samples of virgin olive oils cv. Picual andExpand
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Changes in the Volatile Composition of Virgin Olive Oil during Oxidation: Flavors and Off-Flavors
A thermoxidation process has been applied to extra-virgin olive oil to develop new knowledge on the evolution of the volatile compounds responsible for virgin olive oil flavor during oxidativeExpand
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Oil and Fat Classification by FT-Raman Spectroscopy
One hundred and thirty-eight edible oil and fat samples from 21 different sources, either vegetable (Brazil nut, coconut, corn, high oleic sunflower, alive oil, peanut, palm, palm kernel, rapeseed,Expand
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Characterization of Olive Ripeness by Green Aroma Compounds of Virgin Olive Oil
The evolution of the volatile compounds responsible for virgin olive oil green aroma has been studied in samples obtained from four olive fruit varieties (Arbequina and Picual, Spain; Koroneiki,Expand
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Characterization of French and Spanish dry-cured hams: influence of the volatiles from the muscles and the subcutaneous fat quantified by SPME-GC.
The influence of the volatile compounds on the characterization of Spanish and French dry-cured hams was studied. Thirty volatiles were quantified in each one of four locations (biceps femoris,Expand
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A comprehensive study of hazelnut oil composition with comparisons to other vegetable oils, particularly olive oil.
Crude and refined hazelnut oils from different countries were characterised by major and minor compounds. Fatty acids, triacylglycerides, waxes, sterols, methyl-sterols, terpenic and aliphaticExpand
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Characterisation of 39 varietal virgin olive oils by their volatile compositions
Thirty-nine single virgin olive oils from eight producer countries, but cultivated in the same orchard under identical agronomic and pedoclimatic conditions, were characterised by 64 volatileExpand
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Handbook of Olive Oil: Analysis and Properties
Handbook of olive oil : , Handbook of olive oil : , کتابخانه مرکزی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ایران
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