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Promoting Drp1-mediated mitochondrial fission in midlife prolongs healthy lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster
The accumulation of dysfunctional mitochondria has been implicated in aging, but a deeper understanding of mitochondrial dynamics and mitophagy during aging is missing. Here, we show thatExpand
Structural rearrangements in the thyroid hormone receptor hinge domain and their putative role in the receptor function.
The thyroid hormone receptor (TR) D-domain links the ligand-binding domain (LBD, EF-domain) to the DNA-binding domain (DBD, C-domain), but its structure, and even its existence as a functional unit,Expand
Gaining ligand selectivity in thyroid hormone receptors via entropy
Nuclear receptors are important targets for pharmaceuticals, but similarities between family members cause difficulties in obtaining highly selective compounds. Synthetic ligands that are selectiveExpand
Closed conformation of the active site loop of rabbit muscle triosephosphate isomerase in the absence of substrate: evidence of conformational heterogeneity.
The active site loop of triosephosphate isomerase (TIM) exhibits a hinged-lid motion, alternating between the two well defined "open" and "closed" conformations. Until now the closed conformation hadExpand
Insights into the structure and function of fungal β‐mannosidases from glycoside hydrolase family 2 based on multiple crystal structures of the Trichoderma harzianum enzyme
Hemicellulose is an important part of the plant cell wall biomass, and is relevant to cellulosic ethanol technologies. β‐Mannosidases are enzymes capable of cleaving nonreducing residues ofExpand
Structural basis of GC-1 selectivity for thyroid hormone receptor isoforms
BackgroundThyroid receptors, TRα and TRβ, are involved in important physiological functions such as metabolism, cholesterol level and heart activities. Whereas metabolism increase and cholesterolExpand
Epicolactone – Natural Product Isolated from the Sugarcane Endophytic Fungus Epicoccum nigrum
The endophytic fungus Epicoccum nigrum was isolated from sugarcane and the bioguided fractionation of the ethyl acetate extract led to the isolation of epicolactone, mellein, andExpand
Drosophila p53 controls Notch expression and balances apoptosis and proliferation
Abstract A balance between cell proliferation and apoptosis is important for normal development and tissue homeostasis. Under stress conditions, the conserved tumor suppressor and transcriptionExpand
Crystal structure of the human Tip41 orthologue, TIPRL, reveals a novel fold and a binding site for the PP2Ac C-terminus
TOR signaling pathway regulator-like (TIPRL) is a regulatory protein which inhibits the catalytic subunits of Type 2A phosphatases. Several cellular contexts have been proposed for TIPRL, such asExpand
Purification and biochemical properties of a Kunitz-type trypsin inhibitor from Entada acaciifolia (Benth.) seeds
Abstract A new trypsin inhibitor (EATI) was isolated from Entada acaciifolia (Benth.) seeds. EATI is a competitive inhibitor with a molecular mass of 20 kDa and an inhibition stoichiometry of 1:1 forExpand