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Particle size, charge and colloidal stability of humic acids coprecipitated with Ferrihydrite.
The Fe-HA coprecipitation can reduce electrosteric repulsive forces, which in turn may inhibit the aggregation process at different pH, which would play an important role in the carbon stabilization and persistence not only in organic soils, but also in waters containing dissolved organic matter. Expand
Phase Diagram and Phase Properties of the System Lecithin−Water−Cyclohexane
The isothermal quasi-ternary-phase diagram of the lecithin−cyclohexane−water system was determined at 25 °C using a combination of polarizing microscopy, small-angle X-ray diffraction, and NMRExpand
Spontaneous aggregation of humic acid observed with AFM at different pH.
Results of atomic force microscopy in contact mode added new insights on the adsorption mechanism of HA on polar surfaces as a function of pH, which was relevant from the point of view of natural aggregation in soil environment. Expand
Water Diffusion and Headgroup Mobility in Polymer-like Reverse Micelles: Evidence of a Sphere-to-Rod-to-Sphere Transition
A pulsed gradient spin-echo FT 1H NMR study on the system soybean lecithin/water/perdeuterated cyclohexane is presented. The self-diffusion coefficient of water, Dw, was measured as a function of theExpand
Impact of branching on the viscoelasticity of wormlike reverse micelles
We present an investigation on the effect of inter-micellar connections (branches) on the rheology of wormlike micelles. The system chosen is made of lecithin, minute amounts of water and organicExpand
Biocompatible lecithin organogels: structure and phase equilibria.
The microstructure of organogels formed upon the addition of tiny amounts of water to a solution of lecithin in fatty acid esters (viz. isopropylpalmitate and ethyloleate) was investigated by meansExpand
The role of water in the oxidation process of extra virgin olive oils
Different emulsifying techniques were used to study the influence of water on the oxidative degradation of extra virgin olive oil. The emulsions of water/extra virgin olive oil, oxidized with O2, UVExpand
Relaxation of shear-aligned wormlike micelles
We report on the first time-resolved small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) study of the structural relaxation from a shear-induced aligned state back to the isotropic state in a system of giantExpand
Characterization of magnetite nanoparticles synthetized from Fe(II)/nitrate solutions for arsenic removal from water
Abstract Magnetite nanoparticles (NPs) were synthetized by partial oxidation of hot Fe(II) sulfate aqueous solutions upon addition of variable amounts of alkali/nitrate ions in a N2 atmosphere. TheExpand
A Structural Investigation of CaAOT/Water/Oil Microemulsions
The microstructural features of ternary microemulsions in the CaAOT/water/isooctane system are investigated by conductivity and NMR self-diffusion measurements. The results are compared with the co...