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Abstract— The effect of axial misalignment on the fatigue strength of load-carrying transverse cruciform welded joints was investigated using experimental and fracture mechanics methods. WhereExpand
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A specimen for studying the resistance to ductile crack propagation in pipes
The paper describes a novel DCB-like specimen designed for studying the resistance of running axial cracks in pipelines. It is long enough for steady-state conditions to govern a large proportion ofExpand
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TWI biaxial test program: 1984–1994
The influence of biaxility on the upper-shelf, lower-shelf and the ductile-to-brittle transition regimes has been investigated. A total of 16 biaxial wideplate tests have been conducted. In addition,Expand
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A Single Specimen CTOA Test Method for Evaluating the Crack Tip Opening Angle in Gas Pipeline Steels
Failure information from recent full-scale burst experiments on modern TMCP gas pipeline steels having a yield strength level of 690MPa and higher has shown that the CTOA fracture criterion can beExpand
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Assessment of an instrumented Charpy impact machine
Abstract The dynamic responses of the standard Charpy impact machine were studied experimentally using strain gauges and accelerometer attached to the striker and the rotary position sensor fixed atExpand
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Experimental Study of Thickness and Fatigue Precracking Influence on the CTOA Toughness Values of High Grade Gas Pipeline Steel
Recent experimental and computational studies have revealed that the CTOA fracture criterion has the potential to assess steady state ductile rupture resistance during large amounts of crack growth.Expand
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Measurement and Analysis of Impact Test Data for X100 Pipeline Steel
Charpy upper shelf energy is widely used as a fracture controlling parameter to estimate the crack arrest/propagation performance of gas transportation pipeline steels. The measurement of thisExpand
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Experimental Investigation of Slant Crack Propagation in X100 Pipeline Steel
Failure information from full-thickness burst experiments on long distance gas transportation pipelines has shown that unstable fractures propagating in the pipeline axial direction are dominated byExpand