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Asynchronous Pseudo Physical Memory Snapshot and Forensics on Paravirtualized VMM Using Split Kernel Module
VMM (virtual machine monitor) provides the useful inspection and interposition of the guest OS. With proper modification of the guest OS and VMM, we can obtain incident-driven memory snapshot forExpand
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Resource Allocation for Throughput Optimization in Buffer-Limited Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
This paper studies the throughput optimization for buffer-limited mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) based on resource allocation policies. Specifically, we consider a practical MANET configurationExpand
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MindYourPrivacy: Design and implementation of a visualization system for third-party Web tracking
Third-party Web tracking is a serious privacy issue. Advertisement sites and social networking sites stealthily collect users' Web browsing history for purposes such as targeted advertising orExpand
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Centralized Security Policy Support for Virtual Machine
For decades, researchers have pointed out that Mandatory Access Control (MAC) is an effective method to protect computer systems from being misused. Unfortunately, MAC is still not widely deployedExpand
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Practical network traffic analysis in P2P environment
Recent statistical studies on telecommunication networks outline that peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing is keeping increasing and it now contributes about 50–80% of the overall Internet traffic [1].Expand
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Automated Log Analysis of Infected Windows OS Using Mechanized Reasoning
  • R. Ando
  • Computer Science
  • 15 December 2009
Malware (Malicious Software) of Windows OS has become more sophisticated. To take some countermeasures for recent infection, more intelligent and automated system log analysis is necessary. In thisExpand
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Term-Rewriting Deobfuscation for Static Client-Side Scripting Malware Detection
Ensuring users with a safe web experience has become a critical problem recently as fraud and privacy infringement on the Internet are becoming current. Web-scripting-based malware is alsoExpand
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A Measurement Study of Open Resolvers and DNS Server Version
DNS is one of the most important infrastructure of the Internet, but it unfortunately suffers from malicious attacks, such as DDoS and cache poisoning. Study and investigation of currently-deployedExpand
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Blink: Large-scale P2P network monitoring and visualization system using VM introspection
P2P network is now widely pervasive and increase usability of Internet. However, with the difficulty of tracing flow of P2P traffic, security incident of P2P network has become now serious problem.Expand
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