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Chemistry and metabolism of lipids in the vertebrate retina.
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Effects of maternal docosahexaenoic acid intake on visual function and neurodevelopment in breastfed term infants.
BACKGROUND Normal brain and visual development is thought to require exogenous docosahexaenoic acid (DHA; 22:6n-3) intake, but the amount needed is debatable. Because the supplementation ofExpand
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Targeted expression of Cre recombinase to cone photoreceptors in transgenic mice.
PURPOSE Disruption of widely expressed essential genes in mice often leads to embryonic or neonatal lethality. To circumvent this problem and dissect gene functions in the cone photoreceptors, weExpand
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Role of Stargardt-3 macular dystrophy protein (ELOVL4) in the biosynthesis of very long chain fatty acids
Stargardt-like macular dystrophy (STGD3) is a dominantly inherited juvenile macular degeneration that eventually leads to loss of vision. Three independent mutations causing STGD3 have beenExpand
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Curcumin protects retinal cells from light-and oxidant stress-induced cell death.
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a complex disease that has potential involvement of inflammatory and oxidative stress-related pathways in its pathogenesis. In search of effectiveExpand
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Crystal structure of the bacterial cell division inhibitor MinC
Bacterial cell division requires accurate selection of the middle of the cell, where the bacterial tubulin homologue FtsZ polymerizes into a ring structure. In Escherichia coli, site selection isExpand
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Membrane Fatty Acids Associated with the Electrical Response in Visual Excitation
The fatty acid composition of rat photoreceptor membranes was altered by dietary manipulation. A functional alteration was also observed in the component of the electroretinogram which is generatedExpand
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Membrane protein diffusion sets the speed of rod phototransduction
Retinal rods signal the activation of a single receptor molecule by a photon. To ensure efficient photon capture, rods maintain about 109 copies of rhodopsin densely packed into membranous disks. ButExpand
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Evidence for rod outer segment lipid peroxidation following constant illumination of the rat retina.
Constant illumination for three days (100-125 foot-candles) caused degeneration of photoreceptor cells in the albino rat retina and was accompanied by a reduction in the levels of docosahexaenoicExpand
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Mouse opsin promoter-directed Cre recombinase expression in transgenic mice.
PURPOSE Gene inactivation with homologous recombination in mice is a widely used tool to study gene function. However, many proteins play essential roles in a number of tissues and germline geneExpand
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