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Hepatoprotective constituents of the edible brown algaEcklonia stolonifera on tacrine-induced cytotoxicity in hep G2 cells
In this study, ethanolic extracts from 18 seaweed variants were assessed for hepatoprotective activity against tacrine-induced cytotoxicity in Hep G2 cells. Only one of these,Ecklonia stoloniferaExpand
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Antioxidant compounds from the stem bark of Sorbus commixta
The MeOH extract of Sorbus commixta (Rosaceae) exhibited strong DPPH radical scavenging activity, and through activity-guided fractionation two antioxidant compounds were isolated and identified asExpand
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Lactones from the leaves of Litsea japonica and their anti-complement activity.
  • B. Min, S. Lee, +9 authors H. Lee
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of natural products
  • 30 September 2003
Two new lactones, litsealactone A (1) and litsealactone B (2), were isolated from the leaves of Litsea japonica, together with three known lactones, hamabiwalactone A (3), hamabiwalactone B (4), andExpand
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Stilbenes from the roots of Pleuropterus ciliinervis and their antioxidant activities.
Two stilbene glycosides, pieceid-2"-O-gallate and pieceid-2"-O-coumarate, were isolated from the MeOH extract of the roots of Pleuropterus ciliinervis Nakai (Polygonaceae), together with two knownExpand
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Anti-complementary activity of protostane-type triterpenes fromAlismatis rhizoma
Four protostane-type triterpenes, alisol B 23-acetate (1a), alisol C 23-acetate (2a), alisol B (3a), and alisol A 24-acetate (4a), were isolated from the rhizome ofAlismatis plantago-aquatica L.Expand
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Articles : Gomisin J with Protective Effect Against t-BHP-Induced Oxidative Damage in HT22 Cells from Schizandra chinensis
Four lignan compounds including gomisin J (1), schizandrin (2), gomisin A (3), and angeloyl gomisin H (4) have been isolated from the MeOH extract of Schizandra chinensis fruits. The evaluation forExpand
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Antioxidant Effects of Plant Extracts on Free Radicals and Lipid Peroxidation
Reactive oxygen species damage biomolecules such as lipids, proteins, sugars and DNA, which can not only lead to various diseases but also oxidative damage resulting aging. In order to search forExpand
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Cordycepin suppresses cell proliferation and migration by targeting CLEC2 in human gastric cancer cells via Akt signaling pathway
Purpose Gastric cancer is a common malignancy worldwide, and is associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. Cordycepin is a 3′‐deoxyadenosine drug with significant anti‐cancer effects. TheExpand
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Involvement of Heme Oxygenase-1 Induction in the Cytoprotective and Immunomodulatory Activities of Viola patrinii in Murine Hippocampal and Microglia Cells
A number of diseases that lead to injury of the central nervous system are caused by oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain. In this study, NNMBS275, consisting of the ethanol extract ofExpand
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Iridoid esters from Patrinia saniculaefolia.
  • R. An, B. Min, +6 authors S. Kang
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin
  • 1 May 2003
Two new iridoids, named patridoid I (1) and patridoid II (2), were isolated from the whole plant of Patrinia saniculaefolia (Valerianaceae), together with the known one, nardostachin (3). TheExpand
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