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Broadcast Disks: Data Management for Asymmetric Communication Environments
The use of repetitiv e broadcas t as a way of augmentin g th e mem ­ ory hierarchy of clients in an asymmetri c communicatio n environment and several "pure " cache managemen t policies are examined. Expand
Broadcast disks: data management for asymmetric communication environments
This work describes a new technique called "Broadcast Disks" for structuring the broadcast in a way that provides improved performance for non-uniformly accessed data and examines several "pure" cache management policies and develops and measure implementable approximations to these policies. Expand
Bit-Sequences: An adaptive cache invalidation method in mobile client/server environments
The proposed BS algorithm is especially suited for dissemination-based (or “server-push”-based) nomadic information service applications and its critical aspect is its self-adaptability and effectiveness, regardless of the connectivity behavior of the mobile clients. Expand
Data caching issues in an information retrieval system
Using a user's local storage capabilities to cache data at the user's site would improve the response time of user queries albeit at the cost ofurring the overhead required in maintaining multiple copies. Expand
Dynamic hierarchical caching in large-scale distributed file systems
  • M. Blaze, R. Alonso
  • Computer Science
  • [] Proceedings of the 12th International…
  • 9 June 1992
The results of a trace-driven simulation of a dynamic hierarchical file system are presented, and low-overhead techniques for maintaining cache consistency by detecting missed cache invalidation are discussed. Expand
Database system issues in nomadic computing
The impact of nomadic computing on a number of traditional database system concepts is discussed, including how the reliance on short-lived batteries changes the cost assumptions underlying query processing and how the likelihood of temporary disconnection forces consideration of alternative transaction processing protocols. Expand
Bit-Sequences: A New Cache Invalidation Method in Mobile Environments
The Bit-Sequences algorithm, a new cache invalidation algorithm in which a periodically-broadcast invalidation report is presented, performs consistently well under conditions of variable update rates/patterns and client disconnection times. Expand
Negotiating data access in federated database systems
  • R. Alonso, D. Barbará
  • Computer Science
  • [] Proceedings. Fifth International Conference on…
  • 6 February 1989
A protocol is presented for negotiating access to data in a federated database based on the concept of quasicopies, which are cached values that are allowed to deviate from the central value in a controlled fashion. Expand
Quasi-Copies: Efficient Data Sharing for Information Retrieval Systems
The notion of quasi-copies is introduced which embodies the ideas sketched above and makes it possible to access the copies even when the communication lines or the central site are down. Expand