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Taking the Measure of the Universe: Precision Astrometry with SIM Planetquest (Preprint)
Abstract : Precision astrometry at microarcsecond accuracy has application to a wide range of astrophysical problems. This paper is a study of the science questions that can be addressed using anExpand
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Artificial intelligence and the evidentiary process: The challenges of formalism and computation
  • R. Allen
  • Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence and Law
  • 1 September 2001
The tension between rule and judgment is well known with respect to the meaning of substantive legal commands. Expand
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The formation of molecular clouds
In a recent paper, Elmegreen has made a cogent case, from an observational point of view, that the lifetimes of molecular clouds are comparable to their dynamical time-scales. If so, this hasExpand
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Detection of CO emission from massive molecular clouds in the inner disk of M31
Faint emission in the CO(1-0) and CO(2-1) spectral lines at mm wavelengths has been discovered from dark dust clouds in the inner disk of M31. These dust clouds are located in regions of the galaxyExpand
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The Opacity of Spiral Galaxy Disks. IV. Radial Extinction Profiles from Counts of Distant Galaxies Seen through Foreground Disks
Dust extinction can be determined from the number of distant field galaxies seen through a spiral disk. To calibrate this number for the crowding and confusion introduced by the foreground image,Expand
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Corotation resonance and the velocity field of NGC 4321
We extend the exposition of a new kinematic method (exploiting geometric phase) for determining the corotation resonance radius of a grand-design spiral. We present an explicit formulation, in termsExpand
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Factual Ambiguity and a Theory of Evidence
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Radio and optical interferometry: Basic observing techniques and data analysis
Astronomers usually need the highest angular resolution possible, but the blurring effect of diffraction imposes a fundamental limit on the image quality from any single telescope. InterferometryExpand
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Polarized radio emission from the edge-on spiral galaxies NGC 891 and NGC 4565
Results are presented, at a resolution of 20 arcsec, of observations of the distribution of radio continuum intensity and linear polarization with the VLA in two nearby edge-on spiral galaxies, NGCExpand
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