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Reinforcement of motor evoked potentials by remote muscle contraction.
Preclinical trial of 4-aminopyridine in patients with chronic spinal cord injury
Results are consistent with those obtained from 4-AP trials with animal models of spinal cord injury, showing modest therapeutic benefit attributable to enhanced central conduction.
Reinforcement of motor evoked potentials in patients with spinal cord injury.
The results extend previous reports of electrophysiological evidence of spared motor pathways in spinal cord injured patients with complete paralysis and affirm the need for neurological reinforcement as a routine procedure in cortical stimulation studies of spinal cord injuries.
Oxygen costs using a reciprocating gait orthosis in a paraplegic (T9) patient with a bilateral below-knee amputation: Case report
The energy costs of ambulation of a patient, disabled by paraplegia at T9 and bilateral below-knee amputations, walking at her preferred rate using an RGO while gas exchange was measured by the Douglas bag method.