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A simple clinical colitis activity index
Background—The appropriate medical treatment of patients with ulcerative colitis is determined largely by the severity of symptoms. Hospital assessment of the severity of disease activity includesExpand
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Malignancy in coeliac disease--effect of a gluten free diet.
Two hundred and ten patients with coeliac disease previously reported from this unit were reviewed at the end of 1985 after a further 11 years of follow up. The initial review at the end of 1974Expand
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Risk factors for intra-abdominal sepsis after surgery in Crohn's disease
PURPOSE: This study examined risk factors for intra-abdominal sepsis after surgery in Crohn's disease. METHODS: We reviewed 343 patients who underwent 1,008 intestinal anastomoses during 566Expand
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Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease: a comparison of the colorectal cancer risk in extensive colitis.
The risk of developing colorectal cancer has been compared in two identically selected cohorts of patients with extensive Crohn's colitis (n = 125) and extensive ulcerative colitis (n = 486). In bothExpand
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Colorectal cancer in ulcerative colitis: a cohort study of primary referrals from three centres.
A retrospective cohort of 823 patients with ulcerative colitis who resided at the time of diagnosis in one of three defined geographical areas (West Midlands region, Oxford region, England andExpand
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Current status and influence of operation on perianal Crohn's disease
Two hundred and two patients with Crohn's disease have been examined during the year 1984 to assess the frequency of perianal disease. One hundred and ten have had evidence of perianal complicationsExpand
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Malignancy in Crohn's disease.
Cancer morbidity has been evaluated in a series of 513 patients with Crohn's disease under long-term review between 1944-76. In comparison with morbidity rates for cancer in the West Midlands RegionExpand
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Psychiatric illness in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
One hundred and sixty two consecutive patients attending a clinic for inflammatory bowel disease (91 Crohn's, 71 ulcerative colitis) were assessed for the presence of anxiety and depression using aExpand
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Cancer morbidity in ulcerative colitis.
Cancer morbidity at all sites has been studied in a series of 676 patients with ulcerative colitis under long-term review, of whom more than two-thirds had extensive disease, and the level andExpand
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Biliary tract carcinoma associated with ulcerative colitis.
This paper reports 15 well-documented cases in which a biliary tract tumour has developed in a patient with ulcerative colitis. Most patients had both a long history of colitis and total involvementExpand
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