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A fundamental differential system of Riemannian geometry
We discover a fundamental exterior differential system of Riemannian geometry; indeed, an intrinsic and invariant global system of differential forms of degree n associated to any given orientedExpand
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Graft Materials in Oral Surgery: Revision
Oral implantology is a common procedure in dentistry, especially for fully or partially edentulous patients. The implants must be placed in the best location from both the aesthetic and functionalExpand
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What's a picture really worth? On the use of drone aerial imagery to estimate intertidal rocky shore mussel demographic parameters
Abstract Describing distribution patterns of organisms on the rocky intertidal zone is crucial to generate ecological models of broad scope and validity. Our aim was to combine 3D photogrammetricExpand
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Homotheties and topology of tangent sphere bundles
We prove a Theorem on homotheties between two given tangent sphere bundles SrM of a Riemannian manifold M, g of $${{\rm dim}\geq3}$$dim≥3, assuming different variable radius functions r and weightedExpand
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CEO Power, Compensation and Governance
This paper presents a contracting model of governance based on the premise that CEOs are the main promoters of governance change. CEOs use their power to extract higher pay or private benefits, andExpand
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Investment Analysis of Autocallable Contingent Income Securities
Autocallable contingent income securities (autocalls) have payouts contingent on the performance of an underlying asset and give investors an opportunity to earn high yields in a low-interestExpand
Minkowski identities for hypersurfaces in constant sectional curvature manifolds
Abstract We give a new proof of the generalized Minkowski identities relating the higher degree mean curvatures of orientable closed hypersurfaces immersed in a given constant sectional curvatureExpand
Riemannian problems with a fundamental differential system
We introduce the reader to a fundamental exterior differential system of Riemannian geometry which arises naturally with every oriented Riemannian n+1manifold M. Such system is related to theExpand
Reply to Dr. Suga and Dr. Takenoshita.
We would like to thank Dr. Saga and Dr. Takenoshita for initiating a discussion on our recent systematic review on burning mouth syndrome (BMS) conducted as part of the World Workshop on OralExpand