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Vertical Jump Performance and Blood Ammonia and Lactate Levels During Typical Training Sessions In Elite 400-m Runners
Gorostiaga, EM, Asiáin, X, Izquierdo, M, Postigo, A, Aguado, R, Alonso, JM, and Ibáñez, J. Vertical jump performance and blood ammonia and lactate levels during typical training sessions in eliteExpand
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Catalyst Effect on the Composition of Tire Pyrolysis Products
The use of HY and HZSM-5 zeolite catalysts in situ in the pyrolysis of used tires in a conical spouted bed reactor significantly modifies the yields and composition of product fractions, which augursExpand
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Transformation of Oxygenate Components of Biomass Pyrolysis Oil on a HZSM-5 Zeolite. II. Aldehydes, Ketones, and Acids
The catalytic transformation over a HZSM-5 zeolite of key components of the liquid product obtained by the flash pyrolysis of biomass, namely, acetaldehyde, ketones (acetone and butanone), and aceticExpand
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Influence of Tire Formulation on the Products of Continuous Pyrolysis in a Conical Spouted Bed Reactor
The pyrolysis of waste tires in continuous mode has been studied in a pilot plant provided with a conical spouted bed reactor, in the 425−600 °C range, by feeding two types of tire materials withExpand
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Kinetic study of lignocellulosic biomass oxidative pyrolysis
Biomass oxidative pyrolysis is of great interest from the point of view of large-scale bio-oil production in autothermal regime. A study has been carried out in thermobalance with different oxygenExpand
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Continuous pyrolysis of waste tyres in a conical spouted bed reactor
Abstract Continuous pyrolysis of scrap tyres has been carried out in a conical spouted bed reactor and the results (yields, composition of the volatile fraction and carbon black properties) have beenExpand
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Kinetics of scrap tyre pyrolysis under fast heating conditions
Abstract The kinetics of scrap tyre pyrolysis has been studied by means of thermogravimetry (runs at constant temperature and following temperature ramps) and using a fast heating microreactor. TheExpand
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Pyrolysis of sawdust in a conical spouted‐bed reactor with a HZSM‐5 catalyst
The effect was studied of using an in-situ catalyst based on a HZSM-5 zeolite in flash pyrolysis with an inert gas (N{sub 2}) of pinus insignis sawdust in a conical spouted-bed reactor in theExpand
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Fast characterization of biomass fuels by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
A methodology is proposed based on thermogravimetric analysis, deconvolution of the DTG signal and empirical correlations for characterizing biomass fuels for boilers and combustors. This methodologyExpand
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Biomass Oxidative Flash Pyrolysis: Autothermal Operation, Yields and Product Properties
Biomass autothermal flash pyrolysis has been carried out by adding oxygen to the reaction environment in a bench-scale plant provided with a conical spouted bed reactor, at 500 °C and using twoExpand
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