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Elastic buckling of columns with end restraint effects
Abstract It is a well established fact that the behaviour of columns as part of a structure is affected by the end restraints. The main aim of the current study is to develop a criterion of stabilityExpand
Exact shape functions of imperfect beam element for stability analysis
  • R. Adman, H. Afra
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Adv. Eng. Softw.
  • 1 August 2007
In this paper, a versatile and efficient solution for the displacement function of a geometrical imperfect beam element under high axial load is derived. Expand
Contribution to the Evaluation of Steel Structures Resistance to Lateral Displacement’s
The choice of the global analysis method of a steel structure is essentially related to its sensitivity to second order effects. This sensitivity depends on the structural strength to the lateralExpand
The effective length factor of columns in unsymmetrical frames asymmetrically loaded
The concept of the effective length factor represents an important parameter with regard to the elastic buckling analysis. This concept makes possible computational of the elastic critical load usingExpand
Influence of load position on critical lateral torsional buckling moment of laterally restrained beam at tense flange
This paper presents an alternative computation approach for the critical moment of lateral-torsional buckling of a simply supported steel beam with continuous lateral elastic restraint. The totalExpand
Response to discussion on "Elastic buckling of columns with end restraint effects"
Response Paper to S. Djellab's Comments and discussion concerning: R. Adman,M. Expand