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Sideshow U.S.A.: Freaks and the American Cultural Imagination
A staple of American popular culture during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the freak show seemed to vanish after the Second World War. But as Rachel Adams reveals in "Sideshow U.S.A.,"Expand
Disability Studies Now
Ralph James Savarese’s essay “River of Words, Raft of Our Conjoined Neurologies” (2012) provides an eloquent and moving account of how his autistic son D. J. emerged into literacy. As he learned toExpand
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Continental Divides: Remapping the Cultures of North America
North America is more a political and an economic invention than a place people call home. Nonetheless, the region shared by the United States and its closest neighbors is an intriguing frame forExpand
The Ends of America, the Ends of Postmodernism
If Los Angeles is the city that taught us how to be postmodern, might it also be the place where we begin to imagine what comes after? For well over 30 years, the architecture, demographics,Expand
From Alexa to Siri and the GDPR: The Gendering of Virtual Personal Assistants and the Role of EU Data Protection Law
With female names, voices and characters, artificially intelligent Virtual Personal Assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana, appear to be decisively gendered female. Through an exploration of theExpand
From Alexa to Siri and the GDPR: The gendering of Virtual Personal Assistants and the role of Data Protection Impact Assessments
We argue that this gendering of VPAs as female may pose a societal harm, insofar as they reproduce normative assumptions about the role of women as submissive and secondary to men. Expand