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Holocene atmosphere-ocean interactions: records from Greenland and the Aegean Sea
Abstract. We compare paleoclimate proxy records from central Greenland and the Aegean Sea to offer new insights into the causes, timing, and mechanisms of Holocene atmosphere-ocean interactions. A
A dynamic concept for eastern Mediterranean circulation and oxygenation during sapropel formation
We propose that intermittent bottom water ventilation occurred throughout periods of sapropel deposition, and that the recently reported sapropel ‘interruptions’ represent centennial-scale episodes
The vertical distribution of living (rose Bengal stained) benthic foraminifera from three multiple cores from Cap Breton Canyon, Bay of Biscay, France, has been investigated with the objective of
Circulation changes and nutrient concentrations in the late Quaternary Aegean Sea: A nonsteady state concept for sapropel formation
sapropel-forming conditions, we identify the start of ‘‘seasonal’’ stratification and highlight a lag in d 18 O response of the planktonic foraminifer N. pachyderma to termination T1b as identified
Palynological, palynofacies, paleoenvironmental and organic geochemical studies on the Upper Cretaceous succession of the GPTSW-7 well, North Western Desert, Egypt
Abstract The present study of the Abu Roash and Bahariya formations in well GPTSW-7 refines our understanding of the subsurface Cretaceous of the north Western Desert of Egypt. Our investigations are
Evaluation of ostracod-based palaeoenvironmental reconstruction with instrumental data from the arid Faiyum Depression, Egypt
The utility of ostracod-based palaeoenvironmental reconstruction was evaluated using instrumental data for Lake Qarun, Egypt. The euryhaline ostracod Cyprideis torosa was the only species found in
High-resolution geochemical and micropalaeontological profiling of the most recent eastern Mediterranean sapropel
Abstract A combined geochemical and micropalaeontological study of the most recently-deposited sapropel (S1) from the eastern Mediterranean Sea is reported from two cores in which the S1 sapropel
Recent turbidite deposition in the eastern Atlantic: Early diagenesis and biotic recovery
An interface core taken in Capbreton canyon shows a succession of sedimentary facies interpreted as classical Bouma turbiditic sequences. Activities of 234Th and 210Pb suggest that the deposition of
Ostracods and the Holocene palaeolimnology of Lake Qarun, with special reference to past human–environment interactions in the Faiyum (Egypt)
We present an ostracod record covering the past two millennia from an 8.25-m core taken from Lake Qarun, in the Faiyum Depression of Egypt. The occurrence of ostracod species in the lake is