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Disciplining Democracy: Development Discourse and Good Governance in Africa
* Acknowledgments * Introduction * 1. Democratisation and Development Discourse * 2. New World Order, New Development Discourse * 3. The Seductiveness of Good Governance * 4. The Democratisation ofExpand
The power of partnerships in global governance
Development partnerships are frequently represented as a way of giving recipient countries ‘ownership’ of their development programmes, whereas critics argue that partnerships are little more thanExpand
Blair's Africa: The Politics of Securitization and Fear
Prime Minister Tony Blair has described Africa as a “scar on the conscience of the world.” This article argues that New Labour's increasing attention to Africa is part of an ongoing securitization ofExpand
Security Beyond the State: Global Security Assemblages in International Politics
To date, most discussion of security privatization in international politics has been focused on the role of private military companies and mercenaries. This article seeks to shift the focus awayExpand
African Studies and the Postcolonial Challenge
Abrahamsen, Rita, 'African Studies and the Postcolonial Challenge', African Affairs (2003) 102(407) pp.189-210 RAE2008
Securing the City: Private Security Companies and Non-State Authority in Global Governance
The past decade has witnessed a remarkable expansion and globalisation of the private security sector. These developments mark the emergence of public—private, global—local security networks thatExpand
Introduction: The Privatisation and Globalisation of Security in Africa
Once seen as the exclusive domain of the state, security is today increasingly in the hands of private actors. The extent of this privatisation is evident across the spectrum of security provision.Expand
A breeding ground for terrorists? Africa & Britain's ‘war on terrorism’
Prime Minister Tony Blair has famously described Africa as a‘scar on the conscience of the world’, drawing attention to the UK's moral and humanitarian obligations towards the continent. This articleExpand