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A Multiphase Godunov Method for Compressible Multifluid and Multiphase Flows
We propose a new model and a solution method for two-phase compressible flows. The model involves six equations obtained from conservation principles applied to each phase, completed by a seventhExpand
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How to Prevent Pressure Oscillations in Multicomponent Flow Calculations
A new numerical scheme for computing multicomponent flows is presented. It is able to handle strong shocks, is pressure oscillation free through the contact discontinuities, and guarantees theExpand
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On essentially non-oscillatory schemes on unstructured meshes: analysis and implementation
Abstract During the past few years, the class of essentially non-oscillatory schemes for the numerical simulation of hyperbolic equations and systems has been constructed. Since then, a fewExpand
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Computations of compressible multifluids
This paper reviews some of the recent models and numerical algorithms that have been proposed for compressible multifluids and points to key ideas that they have in common. Expand
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High-order CFD methods: Current status and perspective
After several years of planning, the 1st International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods was successfully held in Nashville, Tennessee, on January 7-8, 2012, just before the 50th Aerospace SciencesExpand
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Discrete equations for physical and numerical compressible multiphase mixtures
We have recently proposed, in [21], a compressible two-phase unconditionally hyperbolic model able to deal with a wide range of applications: interfaces between compressible materials, shock waves inExpand
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A Simple Method for Compressible Multifluid Flows
A simple second order accurate and fully Eulerian numerical method is presented for the simulation of multifluid compressible flows, governed by the stiffened gas equation of state, in hydrodynamic regime. Expand
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Modelling phase transition in metastable liquids: Application to cavitating and flashing flows.
A hyperbolic two-phase flow model involving five partial differential equations is constructed for liquid-gas interface modelling. The model is able to deal with interfaces of simple contact whereExpand
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Toward the ultimate conservative scheme: following the quest
Abstract The aim of this paper is to develop a class of numerical schemes that work on triangular finite element type meshes, and which are devoted to the computation of steady transonic flows. TheExpand
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A Cell-Centered Lagrangian Scheme for Two-Dimensional Compressible Flow Problems
We present a new Lagrangian cell-centered scheme for two-dimensional compressible flows. Expand
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