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Labor Supply Responses and Welfare Effects of Tax Reforms
During the late 1980s and early 1990s, taxation of wage income has undergone a change towards a proportional tax regime in many countries. The authors' analysis shows that gradual tax reforms inExpand
An Empirical Analysis of Joint Household Decisions, with Taxes and Quantity Constraints
This study applies an econometric framework that allows for complex non-convex budget sets, highly nonlinear labour supply curves and imperfect markets with institutional constraints. A marriedExpand
Income Inequality and Income Mobility in the Scandinavian Countries Compared to the United States
This paper compares income inequality and income mobility in the Scandinavian countries and the United States during 1980–90. The results suggest that inequality is greater in the United States thanExpand
Characterizations of Lorenz curves and income distributions
  • R. Aaberge
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Soc. Choice Welf.
  • 30 October 2000
We propose and justify the use of a few measures of inequality for summarizing the basic information provided by the Lorenz curve and show that they have transfer-sensitivity properties that depend on the shape of the distribution. Expand
Ranking intersecting Lorenz curves
  • R. Aaberge
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Soc. Choice Welf.
  • 1 August 2009
This paper is concerned with the problem of ranking Lorenz curves in situations where the Lorenz curve intersect and no unambiguous ranking can be attained without introducing weaker ranking criteria than first-degree Lorenz dominance. Expand
Potential demand for alternative fuel vehicles
This paper analyzes the potential demand for alternative fuel vehicles. The alternative fuel vehicles we consider are liquid propane gas and electric powered vehicles in addition to dual-fuelExpand
Gini’s nuclear family
The purpose of this paper is to justify the use of the Gini coefficient and two close relatives for summarizing the basic information of inequality in distributions of income. To this end we employ aExpand
Interpretation of changes in rank-dependent measures of inequality
Abstract Measures of inequality suffer from the lack of an immediate interpretation which clarifies how significant any observed change in inequality might be. This paper addresses this problem byExpand
Multidimensional Poverty and Inequality
This paper examines different approaches to the measurement of multidimensional inequality and poverty. First, it outlines three aspects preliminary to any multidimensional study: the selection ofExpand
Do more equal slices shrink the cake? An empirical investigation of tax-transfer reform proposals in Italy
Abstract.A crucial issue in efficiency-equality evaluations of tax reforms resides in the possibility that the level as well as the distribution of welfare may change, where the household-specificExpand